TENSOR Ring orgone with crystal mix chips, brass and copper coil . Only 2 pieces . See photos.
Dimensions: base 12.5 cm / 6 cm H
Orgone Objects are good for : 
	Purify the human body energy field.
	Help you for better quality sleep.
	Relieve mental, emotional and physical stress, and achieve a stable mood.
	Aids meditation and increases spiritual growth.
	Purify the living environment and energize food, water, herbs, and supplements.
	It will enhance the growth of vegetables and flowers when placed in the garden.
	Create a more harmonious home and workplace.
	Protect you from negative energies.
	Clear emotional and energetic blocks.

You can use it as a Home Decoration but it works best when you leave it near electronics ( TV , PC ) that emits EMF pollution. Neutralize the bad chaotic energy and gives a good positive vibe in your Home.
This is a handcrafted orgone object . Only 2 pieces . Various spiral type.
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Tensor Rings Orgone Crystal Mix XL

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    Marble Surface



    Orgone Pyramid 

    Home Protection EMF

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    ZODIAC Orgone

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    8 SHUNGITE pieces (Set) of Sacred Geometry models/pyramids